Delivering Innovative Diagnostics
for Animal Health.

CT scanning is now convenient and affordable with our mobile CT unit.

We deliver innovative diagnostics to veterinarians for their patients throughout the state of Michigan so they can make a better diagnosis and provide better care. With our mobile CT unit, we make CT scanning accessible with the ability to scan all animals to include exotic animals. MVCT is operating and scanning daily upon appointment request.

Mobile CT Unit Benefits

Provide better diagnostic accuracy.

With our advanced medical imaging technologies, veterinarians can provide the best diagnosis so pet owners can make informed decisions.

Add the convenience of on-site CT equipment.

We have a flexible schedule and will deliver our mobile CT unit right to your hospital/clinic.

Primary Veterinarian maintains control of patient care.

Eliminate the need for pet owners to travel for diagnostic services.

No Travel Necessary

Now you can offer your clients the convenience of advanced imaging at your hospital/clinic – no travel necessary. CT scans will provide images so that you can provide a diagnosis in the most challenging cases – when bloodwork, radiographs, or ultrasound are not enough.

“I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with the CT services and report. It was incredibly helpful and elevates the level of medicine we are able to provide for our clients. I never would have gotten the diagnosis with other tests available to me. Thank you for bringing this service to our area! Thank you!”

Dr. Alyssa Backus

“It has been a pleasure and true convenience to offer CT scans at our facility via Mobile Veterinary CT. The availability and pricing are much better than at specialty practices. I feel that clients have been impressed that we have the ability to provide this service at our practice. The turnaround time has been very rapid and the reports very professional. I would highly recommend incorporating this service into private practices.”

Barbara Griffith, DVM

“Mobile CT has helped our business and our patients by providing rapid access to advanced imaging so we can diagnose problems quickly and accurately. Having the diagnostics in hand has allowed our clients to quickly schedule needed surgeries with specialists. The reports we get are both detailed but also broken down so that clients can understand what was seen and see the value. Their staff is prompt, courteous, and professional. I would strongly recommend their services to any clinic looking to improve their level of patient care.”

Dr. Henderson

“It was a pleasure working with you and your team, I very much plan to utilize your service in the future. Both patients we scanned that day did well, and the CT yielded results that hugely impacted my ability to manage their cases with positive outcomes. Thank you again and [I'm] looking forward to the next time.”

Dr. Donato

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